Real Estate technology company, set out to create a single platform to buy and sell real estate, encompassing all aspects of the transaction from search to closing for both agents and consumers.

2 Designers
Fall 2020


Consumers can seamlessly navigate through a vast database of real estate listings, refining their search with a wide range of customizable filters to match their specific needs and preferences.


Smooth and efficient submission of contracts from buyers and agents to sellers. Addressing the complexities and time-sensitivity of contract submission in the real estate buying process, offering a secure and streamlined way to propose, negotiate, and finalize contracts.


Streamline the process of managing, reviewing, and responding to offers for sellers and their clients in the real estate market. Simplifying the often complex and dynamic negotiation phase, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of real estate transactions.



Buying and selling real estate happens across multiple clients, fragmenting all aspects of the transaction, and leaving consumers frustrated.

Valuable data like that of unaccepted offers and general user sentiment is currently discarded or not collected at all.


How might we develop a user-friendly, real estate platform that streamlines the buying and selling process, while efficiently capturing and utilizing valuable data like unaccepted offers and user sentiment to enhance consumer experience and market insights?

The Users


Tech-savvy professionals focused on streamlining property transactions, and enhancing client communication.


Increased agency in the selling process, aiming for a more autonomous, and financially advantageous way to manage and close their real estate transactions.


Seeking greater transparency and confidence in their property search to make informed decisions in the real estate market.

Their Journey


Scheduling and information intake
Preparing content for sales call
Sales engagements  proving ROI
Follow-up communication
Coaching and training


Sales enablement managers work with junior sales agents to equip them for sales engagements.
A sales lead may come in, next a sales agent will be assigned to follow up to schedule a meeting and get information about the customer.
Sales agents and sales enablement collaborate to prepare for sales engagements. Together they gather marketing content and prepare meeting agenda/ script.
Sales agents meet with buyers to understand they’re interested in and answer questions that they might have to assess/ prove product fit.
Sales agents’ communicate back and forth with buyers until the sale is closed won or lost.
Sales ennoblement managers review agents work and answer questions to help in future opportunities.


Sales Enablement
Sales Agent
Sales Enablement
Sales Agent
Sales Agent
Sales Enablement
Content Design
Sales Agent
Sales Agent
Sales Enablement
Sales Agent

Time spent

Solution Space

Real estate for the digital era

A mobile and desktop real estate product that offers buyers the ability to submit offers, and sellers to review them, all in one place. All parties with the necessary tools for a successful sale or purchase.

Design Iterations

List a property
Discover and submit
Offer dashboard

User Testing Feedback

Product Iterations

Submitting an offer
Refining the contract submission process into a single-page experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Additionally, we've integrated a document scanner that automatically extracts data from the buyer's contract, pre-filling the page with the necessary information.

Product Iterations

Offer dashboard
Further refining the user interface, providing a more elegant and intuitive experience for users when countering offers from buyers. We've included a toolbar that displays important data relevant to sellers. This toolbar is designed to offer quick access to critical information, helping sellers make informed decisions by having key market insights and property details at their fingertips.

Product Iterations

See the product today @ https://app.offerwell.com/